IB – Investigation into the surface area and volume ratio effect on diffusion and osmosis

Guidelines for your design of surface area and diffusion investigation:

This experiment [IA] is being assessed for DCP [data collection and processing] and CE [conclusion and evaluation]

Note: it is challenging for me, as the instructor, to provide enough information for success, yet little enough for serious thought and discussion. Struggle. I’ll judge when to jump in.

  • the class collectively designs the experiment so that trails can be performed in a reasonable amount of time. Data from the trials are shared so each individual can independently analyse. Remember: the IB generally require 5×5 for data collection.
  • require data collection to investigate surface area/volume ratio and effectiveness of diffusion.
  • define effectiveness!
  • use dialysis tubing as the ‘cell’
  • use sugar [sucrose] to simulate cytoplasm and/or extracellular plasma/surroundings
  • measure variables that are relevant to the investigation [THINK!!]
  • Each student MUST understand the the collective procedure or the analysis will fail.
  • Of course you must collaborate and research using the internet. It does not need to be an original design.

In your Blog provide the following: 

  1. Introduction into the background information necessary to understand the research statement and report. Be accurate but terse.
  2. Research statement: An investigation into the effect of….
  3. Hypothesis: It is expected….
  4. Variables: independent, dependent, controlled variables [explain controlled variables]
  5. Data collection: Raw data table of 5×5 including AVE and STD.DEV — SHOW BOTH SETS OF DATA
  6. Data processing: SHOW THE >>>>??? — ANALYSE BOTH SETS OF DATA
  7. Conclusion: Aim met? Hypothesis?
  8. Evaluation. — Discuss the effect of the changes you made to your procedure

Note: I know I skipped the method/procedure but this was intentional due to the experiment being a group design.

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