RNAi Drug for Cholesterol | MIT Technology Review

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RNA interference shows promise in reducing cholesterol in animals.

jlinzel‘s insight:

Right behind the last story, the use of RNS inhibition. These are small single stranded RNA molecules that hybrdize [meaning they make mRNA double stranded inside a cell – they match up to form a double stranded RNA molecule] with mRNA in the cell. The dsRNA is often identified by the cell by a number of proteins that digest the dsRNA destroying the original mRNA in the process. So what you ask? What if the protein coded by the original mRNA is a transcription factor turning a gene on/off improperly? [gene regulation/expression topic of the IB objectives]. In summary, some mutations cause proteins to regulate other genes incorrectly. The mRNA for the mutated protein needs to be destroyed. Deliver a RNAi molecule to make the mutated mRNA double stranded. Cellular proteins notice the dsRNA [RNAi molecule + mRNA mutant] and destroys it. 

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